Burgundy Home & Services: helping you find your dream property

Your property search in Burgundy

Each property purchase is unique and buying a house which fits your requirements is not always simple. Add to this a lack of time or the fact you don't live in the proximity and perhaps don't speak much French and the whole project looks distinctly tricky.

That's where we step in. We'll do the leg work for you, searching for properties in line with your specifications. We have contacts throughout the region, working closely with real estate agents and adding our own listings to the mix. We seize every opportunity so that there's no chance of missing out on a possible match.

Whether your purchase is born of a passion for this region, a desire to invest, or maybe both, BH&S can help. Caroline Gigandet—the founder of Burgundy Home and Services— is a Burgundy native and fluent English speaker. She offers a customized, seamless service with commitment and determination to ensure you uncover just what you're looking for. You'll find her extensive local knowledge and her years of experience invaluable.

Caroline's philosophy is straightforward: to understand first and foremost exactly what you're looking for along with your expectations, then fine tune carefully targeted property research.

The practicalities 1: steps to a successful search

-     The specification. 

Together we'll establish a dossier with all the specs relative to your future purchase: geographical location, style of property (county or town house, apartment, manor house, farmhouse etc), surface area, budget and special characteristics. This facilitates targeted, effective research.

-     The research.

Burgundy Home & Services is in touch with individual sellers as well as all categories of professionals active in the property market under the French system—estate agents/realtors and 'notaires' included. This gives you access to properties which may never reach the real estate agent's window.

-     The visit report.

We write up extensive reports of each visit: location, surface area, floor plan, aspect, possible renovations—all with detailed photographs.


The practicalities 2: purchase and conveyancing

-     The negotiation.

We're there to help you negotiate the price to get you the best deal possible.

-     The surveys.

French law requires certain surveys to be undertaken, including for lead, asbestos and natural hazards. We'll organize it all along with any additional structural surveys that you require.

-     The administration.

We can explain the entire process required by French law and assemble the necessary documentation.

-     The legalities.

We'll be right alongside you in the property lawyer/solicitor's office ('notaire') to explain exactly what is happening and what you're signing! There are two stages: the 'compromis de vente' and the 'act finale'.

The practicalities 3: our fees

Our search service is free. When you find the house you wish to buy, the commission we charge is between 3% - 6% of the purchase price. If your planned purchase was proposed by another agent, we reduce our fees by half, so splitting the commission between ourselves and the other agent so that there is absolutely no increase in cost to you, the buyer.

Burgundy Home & Services, represented by Caroline Gigandet, has got a real estate professional card, delivered on 02 March 2016 by the CFE of Beaune 13 Boulevard Maréchal Joffre - 21200 BEAUNE
Card number CPI 2101 2016 000 004 638 - RCP "Agents immobiliers" AXA France IARD