Caroline Gigandet, founder of BH&S

Caroline Gigandet: Expertise in property and renovation

Burgundy Home & Services was founded by Caroline Gigandet in 2008. 

Burgundy born and bred, she has lived in Beaune, capital of Burgundy's wine region, for 20 years. English-speaking Caroline, who is a business school graduate, originally worked in real estate in San Diego. She joined the export branch of a Burgundian firm on returning to Beaune, thus sharing the vinous pleasures of the region with countries such as America, Argentina and Chilli!

BH&S: Experience coupled with flair

Who are we? 

Working with clients from all over the world, BH&S creator Caroline Gigandet is thrilled to help people from beyond Burgundy's borders discover the pleasures of this region and invest in its numerous property opportunities.

She is an expert in customized property searches and the sympathetic renovation of older houses, providing a seamless, end-to-end service: initial research, administrative support during the purchase process, advice on renovation and decoration, and oversight of building/decorating works. Her network of contacts helps you set up your new home headache free, ensuring a smooth entrée to Burgundy.

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