Renovation transforms village house in Burgundy

Maison & Travaux - July & August 2011

Renovation gives contemporary look to old townhouse

Originally a small village house which had received piecemeal additions, this Burgundian home was suffering from poor layout and old-fashioned decor. The renovation updated the property, bringing light and creating a logical flow to the living spaces.

Calling in a professional

The circulation between the different spaces was incoherent. The main entrance to the house and its kitchen were in the old wing while the sitting and dining room were in the main extension. There was just one door communicating between these rooms with a corridor thrown in doing double duty as an office. The owners couldn't wait to improve the property and gain more surface area, but were worried about how to integrate the spaces in a rational manner.
In addition to these problems, the owners were also dealing with a low ceiling, lack of windows and the out-moded  decor. They decided to call in a professional, Caroline Gigandet, interior decorator and founder of Burgundy Home & Services.

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