Highly recommend taking Caroline's advice !

Edinburgh - Scotland

We still don't know where or how we really found Caroline, all we remember is that my wife came across her on a blog online one day, I called her and the rest is history, thank goodness we did though. From the first time we met Caroline she was fantastic in everything she did for us and made the whole process of buying a house in burgundy so simple and easy.

We visited many times to view properties and every time Caroline was wonderful in arranging viewings and nothing was too much for her. She replied to emails very quickly, spent long days driving from village to village with us and her advice was always excellent. Initially we were really unsure where to buy, we were a little bit "all over the place", and the budget changed about five times, which I'm sure must have been frustrating however Caroline always listened and found properties to view that matched our description.

One of the things that I really appreciated from Caroline was her honesty, which when your going into the unknown it's so important to have. A good example of this was when we fell in love with Meursault, it's the most fabulous place to own a home and is stunning, however because of this the type of property we were looking for doesn't come up for sale very often and Caroline advised us we had to be patient. We found what we thought would be a great property, centre of Meursault and it fitted our description so we naturally said to Caroline can we view it. She immediately said "don't touch it, it's a property that floods very easily and has big problems". In the middle of the hot summer when we were viewing you would never have known this and other real estate agents may well have sold us the property, after all we had by this time looked at many other properties for many months. The house I believe is still on the market so thank you Caroline for such invaluable advice.

If your looking to buy a house in this area, save yourself time and contact Caroline, she has all the contacts you require and access to all the properties you see online not just the ones listed on her site. Our property never actually went to market as Caroline managed to persuade the owner to give her exclusivity to sell it, we looked once and a few months later we owned it, it was that easy.

The last thing to mention was that Caroline also set us up with a fabulous Notarie to do all the legal works which was seamless, and she has a great contact at the HSBC bank in Beaune, Claire who made setting up bank accounts and getting us a mortgage a breeze. I'd highly recommend taking Caroline's advice and going to meet Claire who was great. She also has other endless contacts for whatever you want to do and this type of service we found unparalleled.

Thank you again Caroline for everything and we look forward to continuing to work with you on the property in the future.

Stuart, Shauna and Rosie!!

Edimbourg - Scotland 

P.s If you are reading this as someone who is looking to market their house for sale don't hesitate in going straight to Caroline. If anyone is going to sell your property fast and efficiently it will be her.