Settling down in Burgundy !


"Tremendous range of services performed for demanding client moving to Burgundy"

Dear Caroline,

Allison and I just wanted to truly thank you in writing for your amazing services the past few months.

As you know we have used your "personal assistant" services in all affairs, business and domestic.

You have achieved, perfectly, every possible need we have here in France.
You have taken care of every matter from buying a small commercial building to connecting utilities, organising rentals, schools, utilities, domestic staff, baby care, cars, appliances, insurances, medical - everything.

We have had to do NOTHING, you have done perfectly. Because of Burgundy Home & Services, we have quite simply had NO PROBLEMS whatsoever in our move to France. Really it is remarkable.

With one phone call to you everything is fixed...around our house now the usual thing we hear is "Caroline will fix it". Anything that needs to be done, anything we need, we just alert Burgundy Home & Services and it is done.
We would find it difficult to live anywhere else because we would have a much poorer life without your services. 

I genuinely recommend Burgundy Home & Services to the highest possible degree and I know that your furture clients are going to enjoy pleasant life that my family enjoys with Burgundy Home and Services taking care of everything!

Thank you so much

John-Paul and Allison M