A dream come true...

Australia - Brisbane


We will always be indebted to Madame Gigandet because it was she alone who enabled us to realise our dream of owning a home in Burgundy, France.   We know now that it would never have happened without her help.   

Though we knew what we wanted, our ability to find it - and at the price we'd agreed to spend - was totally inadequate, given our paltry knowledge at the time of French real estate and our understanding of French law, banking systems, insurance arrangements and government regulations - not to mention our inability to speak and understand the French language!

Notwithstanding all of this, within two weeks of meeting with Madame Gigandet she had found for us the house we were looking for.   Though in need of total renovation, we had by then complete confidence in Madame Gigandet's professionalism, competence and integrity and were totally at ease in requesting that she manage the entire renovation project for us.   This she did to our total satisfaction and without the need on our part to undertake travel at any stage to oversee the project.   

Her ability to choose and manage the artisans who undertook the renovations was impeccable.  We were most impressed, and grateful, that the work was carried out on time and within budget.  Madame Gigandet kept us informed of the progress of the project reliably and regularly, and submitted verified accounts in a timely manner to facilitate payments to the artisans.   

Needless to say we are totally ‘in love with our petite maison francaise and will always be most happy to provide photographs of it  - both before it's renovation and afterwards.

We would be happy to be contacted at any time to elaborate on what was, for us, a most positive experience.

Lyn & Stewart